Fiduciary Services

Effective Tools for Managing Your Assets

Targeted use of foundations and trusts

You can use structures like foundations and trusts to protect your assets more effectively. Or to invest more efficiently, or to give a philanthropic project a long-term future. These asset structures can be used in many different areas, and our fiduciary services can also help you with company succession and inheritance planning.

Structures always have to be chosen and deployed carefully, however, if they are to do the job you want for your wealth and your family. As a fiduciary company with a rich tradition and many years of experience, we have been setting up, managing and liquidating structures for decades. And we’re not just limited to Liechtenstein. Our experts can also set up and manage structures for you in other jurisdictions. Our trustee services are used not only by wealthy people and their families, but also by international companies and well-known asset managers.

Setting up a structure

Structures as part of your wealth strategy

Despite all our experience, we recognize that every new structure we help set up is unique. Each has to be established in such a way that it continues to comply with the goals and interests of the founder for generations to come. This requires detailed advice based on thorough discussions with the founder.

Ideally, each structure will be integrated into a holistic wealth management strategy, developed in close consultation with the relevant financial service providers and other advisers. In our experience, this coordination is central to the success of any structure and to the overall wealth management process. That is why Kaiser Partner follows the “Wealth Table” philosophy.

Integrating external partners

The Wealth Table – Bringing All the Experts Round the Table

We bring all the relevant partners round the table to develop optimum solutions for our clients. This allows all the parties involved to coordinate effectively and help each other to the benefit of the wealthy person.

In an ever more complex world, we believe that excellence in wealth management is only possible by utilizing the best available expertise in each individual area. Depending on the thematic or geographical focus of your asset structure, therefore, we often augment our advisory services with the help of external specialists. We might call on a tax expert for a particular jurisdiction, for example, or an advisor on philanthropy, a real estate expert or an art specialist. Over the years we have built up a network of partners covering a broad range of different fields, from finance to law to lifestyle matters. We call this interdisciplinary collaboration, led by your relationship manager at Kaiser Partner and closely coordinated with you the client, the Wealth Table.

Structures for a secure future

Taking responsibility for generations to come

The need for care and responsibility with regard to the founder doesn’t just apply to the establishment of a structure. Our structures survive for generations. Right from the start we consider issues and scenarios that might lie far into the future: What trends could affect the growth of your wealth? Will the current strategies be able to continue delivering the outcomes intended by the founder in future?

It’s obvious why we have to think about such things: you can only ensure that asset structures make sense for the long term if you monitor the drivers of global change and anticipate the major trends.

Looking after companies

A comprehensive service beyond just management

One of the strengths of structures is their long-term effectiveness. In a time of increasingly rapid regulatory change, the way they work is unaffected. As a trustee, we take responsibility for ensuring the founder’s interests are respected. Even in times of global change, the protection stays in place, while your structures remain in harmony with national laws and international guidelines.

In addition to establishing, managing and liquidating structures, our portfolio of services also includes the appointment of the necessary officers: depending on your specific needs, we make sure the required protectors, directors and curators, for example, are in place.

Holistic advice

Advice on structures and beyond

Structures are set up for the long term. Their strength is not flexibility but durability. But what happens if circumstances change dramatically? Your life could take an unforeseeable turn, or your family or professional situation could fundamentally change. It is at precisely such moments that the benefits and design of your structures might come into question.

Any analysis requires extensive knowledge – and not only of the current situation. A structure can only be properly evaluated if the circumstances that prevailed when it was first set up are taken into account. This analysis, allied with accurate identification of what needs to change, is essential to any restructuring.

The process tends to throw up many aspects of asset management for discussion, which is why our advisory services are so broad. They cover issues relating to diversification (to avoid risk clusters), as well as inheritance planning, philanthropy and lifestyle matters such as residence.

Verena Wanisch
Deputy CEO / Head of Trust Services



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