Wealth in a world of change requires new ways of managing wealth

Fritz Kaiser

Executive Chairman Kaiser Partner

The Paradigm Shift

At Kaiser Partner, we accept that the world is currently turning very fast and that this is altering the rules on how to preserve existing and create new wealth. We are more convinced than ever that geographical diversification of wealth is essential, and that tax compliance plays a major role in long-term asset protection.

In terms of ensuring that assets are tax-compliant, it is important that families and companies respect a country’s tax laws. They must play by the rules of their countries, or settle their tax obligations and exit their countries.

Consequently, we have spent the last few years building up the expertise and services we need to implement – with our clients – tax-compliant, cross-border solutions, sustainably attractive investment strategies and tailor-made Family Office services involving Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other jurisidictions. We believe that our business locations in Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and other jurisdictions represent stable, secure and appealing oases for wealth in the heart of crisis-riven Europe.