"Tax compliance is an important aspect of long-term asset protection."

Fritz Kaiser

Reporting Services

Kaiser Partner Reporting Services Ltd. specializes in producing international reporting documents and bookkeeping for diversified asset structures. Our experts can consolidate complex asset portfolios – even if they are spread across different countries, companies and asset classes – so you get an informative, comprehensive view of your worldwide financial situation. This transparency provides a sound basis for well-informed decisions about the future direction of wealth planning. It allows faster reactions and thus helps to reduce global risks.

Tax base report

Kaiser Partner Reporting Services can also provide our clients with tax base reporting for 14 countries. These comprehensive reports document the data relevant for taxation in each country, and so serve as the basis for country-specific tax returns. We understand the tax landscape in which our clients operate.

Independent investment reporting and controlling

Kaiser Partner Reporting Services acts as an independent specialist for monitoring investment performance. The company also offers the services previously provided by Serval AG, which was founded at the end of 2000. Capabilities include: consolidating all information relating to the clients’ investment performance, monitoring compliance with investment guidelines and keeping track of the general economic environment.

These services are particularly valuable in times of growing market volatility, when the need for information about investment performance becomes even more acute. They also facilitate comparison of different investment strategies in the context of market developments, as well as delivering independent information about how well an investment manager is doing.