Reporting and Controlling

Creating certainty about wealth

Do you know the true cost of your asset management?

Hidden fees, opaque risks, mysterious costs, complex products – managing serious wealth can be challenging and expensive. Our services for reporting and controlling ensure that wealthy people have certainty about their assets and a reliable basis for growing their wealth.

Clear presentation

Transparent and comprehensible

The experts at Kaiser Partner Reporting Services AG specialize in documenting complex asset structures. Complexity tends to be the rule rather than the exception, but we are determined to present the most important information about your wealth as simply as possible.

You may, for example, appreciate a financial check-up. This standardized report focuses on the assets you hold with banks. It shows you how much you are really paying to have these assets managed, what risks you are exposed to, and whether the financial and non-financial stipulations in your asset management agreement are really being followed.

Documenting and monitoring

Customized reporting and controlling for your investments

Reliable reporting is essential if assets are to be monitored and protected effectively. We use our individual reporting and controlling solutions to develop easily understandable reports for you, which document the growth of your investments and monitor adherence to your investment criteria.
Our services for your individual reporting and controlling:

  • Asset Reporting, including bankable and alternative assets (e.g. real estate, works of art, classic cars).
  • Cost Analysis with a general overview and differentiated reports for e.g. basic and transaction fees or analyses of asset classes and products.
  • Management Audit: We compare performance and risk strategy with industry averages and other benchmarks, as well as checking compliance with financial and non-financial investment guidelines.
  • Risk Management: We identify and quantify the risks your wealth is exposed to – across all asset classes – and we monitor risks, including reinvestment, geographical and counterparty risks.

General exchange of information

Reports for a transparent world

More and more countries are exchanging financial data with each other. OECD countries, for example, have initiated the AIA, while the United States uses FATCA to ask other nations for financial data pertaining to US taxpayers. More than ever, as a wealthy person you would be well advised to keep your financial affairs within the rules, especially if you make use of international asset structures.

Efficiency in tax matters

Tried and tested format for tax disclosure

Our “tax base report” documents your assets in a way that meets international standards and takes account of the requirements of local financial authorities. It has proved to be a flexible tool, capturing wealth and asset structures, companies and accounts, different currencies, and portfolios at different banks. This ensures more efficient processing, supports your local tax advisor and helps avoid misunderstandings with the authorities.

Transparency creates clarity

Why it’s so important to document wealth

Nobody wants them, but they can easily happen: disputes – within the family or between business partners, for example – often center on financial issues. One way of minimizing the potential for conflict is to ensure your wealth is perfectly documented, without any gaps. If matters go to court, the party that has verifiable figures to hand will be at an advantage. This is why we advise that all assets held within structures and operational companies are fully documented with proper account-keeping, even if this is not always required by law.

Monitoring ESG criteria

Performance that goes beyond purely financial criteria

We believe that if you want to protect and grow your wealth down the generations, you need to take account of the drivers of global change. Such non-financial factors require special reporting and controlling capabilities. The environmental and social impacts of your investments need to be properly understood, as does the corporate governance of each company you invest in. These “ESG” factors are included in many of Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s asset management mandates, which is why the Investment Competence Center of this renowned institution makes use of our reporting and controlling service, and why our services are a key element in implementing Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s Responsible Investing philosophy.

Complex assets

Additional reporting and controlling services

Do you manage your family affairs, perhaps through a Family Office, in Switzerland or Liechtenstein? Do you have a structure in either country that generates management costs that need to be documented? In either case, you will benefit from our payroll accounting capabilities for Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We can also produce tax returns for the Principality of Liechtenstein. These capabilities, which allow us to provide comprehensive solutions from a single source, round off our service portfolio for reporting and controlling.

Wolfgang Knabl
Head Reporting Services



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