Family Office Services

Helping safeguard interests and values

The complexity of everyday life

Forms, letters, phone calls, e-mails… Even without a family, managing your private affairs can take up a lot of time. You could say that everyone already has to run their own private, if small, family office.

For wealthy families the time and effort required increases exponentially. Administrative issues are often not only time-consuming, they are also crucial to keeping the family intact: Who is responsible for the financial and administrative affairs of the family and its individual members? Who manages the joint property – home, second home, holiday residence? Who takes care of the children’s education? Who has an overview of the family’s contractual obligations?

Wouldn’t it be a great relief if you had a trusted partner who could hold all the threads together, coordinate all the different partners involved and support the family in all areas of life?

The Family Office

Things get complicated, if they aren’t already, when the family grows, when its wealth reaches a certain size, or when this wealth is spread across several countries. Bringing a professional in to sort out all the outstanding issues does various things. It removes a burden from the people who were doing the job before. It brings a clarity that can help protect the family’s interests and wealth. And it can help families re-establish stability before disputes arise.

If it makes sense to bring in a professional advisor to provide comprehensive, long-term support, this is referred to in the asset management business as a “Family Office”. Kaiser Partner has been a trusted partner of many wealthy families for many years. As a good trustee, we develop a deep understanding of each family’s situation. Over time our experts are often asked for practical support, with administrative matters for example. This wealth of experience, and the trust built up with individual family members forms the basis for a collaboration that benefits everyone in the family.

Prerequisites for cooperation

A Family Office is based on many years of trust

We make the offer of comprehensive Family Office support to individual clients by invitation. We consider it a privilege to give these clients our intensive attention. First and foremost, this requires mutual trust and – on our side – a deep understanding of your needs and interests, and those of your family.

Visit our Services pages to find out more about how we can support your family as a trustee, or help with wealth planning issues, reporting and controlling.

Benedikt Kaiser
Member of the Executive Board



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