We are Kaiser Partner, a family-owned wealth advisor operating from Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Our roots stretch back to 1931.

At a Glance

At a Glance

We understand that wealth means more than assets. It represents a complex web of ambitions and emotions.

We are a wealth advisor. Across fiduciary, advisory and reporting services, we help entrepreneurs and families navigate their wealth.

Our fiduciary services 

More than ever, wealthy individuals need stability from their fiduciary. As a long-established family business, operating from two of the world’s most stable jurisdictions, we can offer a level of trust and experience that few others can match. 

Our advisory services

Wealth advisory is all about people. Our advisors combine world-class technical skills, sound judgement, and empathy.

Our reporting services

We’re always improving our state-of-the-art platform to make sure we operate stringent, efficient processes. In doing so, we keep our correspondence and your data safe. Our platform also connects to external service providers and banks, enabling us to provide thorough and bespoke reporting.  


Located in Liechtenstein & Switzerland


CHF 25 billion AUA

Roots dating back to 1931

Our Story

Our roots stretch back to 1931. From the Great Depression to World War II, we have stood beside our clients to provide stability and continuity, wherever they are in the world.

In that time, we have helped entrepreneurs and families protect their wealth through hyperinflation, financial crises, and nationalisation. And we have also enabled them to transition their wealth from one generation to the next.

But our history is more than just a matter of pride. It is a source of inspiration and equips us to anticipate and solve the challenges wealth owners face.

In the late 2000s, we took a leading role in the movement to make wealth planning more transparent in Liechtenstein and the UK.

In doing so, we enabled families and entrepreneurs around the world stay compliant in an increasingly complex legal and regulatory framework.

After almost 90 years, we are proud to remain a family-owned business, operating from two of the world’s most stable jurisdictions. And, as always, we are committed to maintaining our long-term perspective.

Our Approach

Kaiser Partner Wealth Table: Your hand-picked network of wealth specialists and experts

To answer life’s biggest, most strategic questions, you need a holistic approach – the Kaiser Partner Wealth Table.

For some of your questions, we will bring in our in-house specialists. For others, we gather a network of specialist partners across a range of areas, including law, venture capital, PR, reputation management, real estate, IT security and psychology. Each partner is carefully selected to match your needs. 

This is your personal “Wealth Table”. Once your table is assembled, we will stay on hand to implement and manage it. And together, we will continue to learn, develop, and create new synergies. 


Our Approach



A wealth advisor for life

Our focused team delivers a nimble, proactive service to individuals and families in jurisdictions worldwide.

It takes rare individuals to build a long standing partnership. People with judgement and empathy, who look beneath the superficial, and see beyond the technical.

Our advisors are people you can talk to – about any aspect of your wealth, life or legacy.


Our Philosophy

<h5>„Assets in a world of change”</h5>
„Assets in a world of change”

Using succinct words and illustrations, the booklet summarizes key principles for the wealthy.

Our Philosophy



Living in a complex world or in a world full of opportunities? The answer depends on the standpoint. With our blog Perspectives and our Insights series, we present the topic of wealth from intriguing perspectives.

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