Passion has no age

Led by our mission – to foster the heritage, enjoyment and preservation of classic cars in a fast-moving world – The Classic Car Trust initiated an exceptional survey to shine a light on the future of classic car collections and finds: the vintage auto passion has no age.

Despite the average age of 71 years of this year’s top 100 collectors, the second edition of The Key presents unique insights in the tastes and opinions of the younger and older age categories with the first ever international survey.

Within the framework of five major international events devoted to classic car collecting, The Classic Car Trust survey team interviewed a significant cross-section of 500 individuals to establish to what extent the older and new generations of collectors differ in their interests and focus, and what this could mean for the future of collecting.

Right from the outset it is clear that between the younger and the older generations there is a real difference in the perceived appeal of models and marques as well as in the reasons for loving classic cars in general.

However, the young are much more passionate about them than the old tend to think, and all of them – the aged and the youthful – are confident about the future role of collecting, and indeed are prepared to promote the preservation and appreciation of our four-wheel heritage.

Passion has no age
Federico Goettsche Beber and Michael Goettsche Bebert in their Alfa Romeo MM Supercharged on the Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial 2015 (c) TCCT

Details of this remarkable survey plus fascinating stories about Piero Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari junior, about the origin of the passion of the Duke of Richmond, 100 years of Zagato and many more can be found in the 2019 edition of “The Key”.

“The Key – top of the classic car world” can be purchased here as magazine or e-book.

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