Best Multi-Client Family Office: Kaiser Partner Gets Special Mention

Kaiser Partner recently received recognition for its advisory and wealth management services, being named best multi-client family office in Liechtenstein at the World Finance Wealth Management Awards 2019. UK-based finance magazine World Finance reserved special mention for the Kaiser Partner’s multi-client family office services and the great efforts it has made in this area.

Benedikt Kaiser, Member of the Executive Board, expressed his delight at receiving the award: “The concept of the multi-client family office is a relatively new one here at Kaiser Partner, which makes it all the more important for our growth strategy. The fact that we have been given this award shows that we are definitely on the right track. Our aim is to ensure we are a reliable partner for our clients and their families in the future, whether in matters related to wealth management or whatever their needs might be.”

Further information on the multi-client family office services offered by Kaiser Partner can be found under “Family Office Services”.

Kaiser Partner is also celebrating its success at the World Finance Banking Awards 2019, after the Bank was named best private bank in Liechtenstein for the fifth year in a row.


Photo best multi-client family office in Liechtenstein

Bianca Hasler
Pflugstrasse 10
9490 Vaduz



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