Kaiser Partner named Best Multi-Client Family Office

LONDON – Kaiser Partner Wealth Advisors has been named Best Multi-Client Family Office 2020 by World Finance magazine for the third year in a row.


According to World Finance the award recognises Kaiser Partner’s long-standing commitment to its clients’ personal values. All too often, when planning for long-term wealth preservation, wealth advisors treat the values of founders or family members as an afterthought. “However, as a leading family-owned wealth advisory group, Kaiser Partner has shown that it understands the importance retaining family values for future generations and ensuring that these are integrated into every governance and investment decision”, so the magazine in its statement.

“Whether it’s in the underlying structure of foundations, the investment strategies or a philanthropic project, asset management can reflect personal values in countless individualised ways”, Benedikt Kaiser, Executive Board Member at Kaiser Partner Wealth Advisors, explained in an article for World Finance. “This award reflects our commitment to holistic wealth management and our appreciation of the generations involved and their personal values, which are aligned and applied in every instance. We are delighted to have been awarded for the third time in a row”, adds Benedikt Kaiser.

One Kaiser Partner affiliate also has reason to celebrate: The Kaiser Partner Privatbank has been awarded Best Private Bank Liechtenstein.

More information on Kaiser Partner’s family office services can be found here.


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