Prepare your family to take on responsibility

Prepare your family to take on responsibility

You know better than anyone the complexities of managing wealth. But how can you prepare your loved ones for those challenges and pressures?

From seminars to private retreats, we tailor a practical, inspirational programme to empower your family.

We invite experts and other families to share their experience. And once your loved ones understand how to navigate the complexities of wealth, we will stand by their side to help.


Our Services

Our Academy services include:

  • in-person and online learning on a range of issues including wealth planning and the psychology of wealth
  • next generation wealth seminars
  • seminars and roundtables for wealth owners, also focusing on women and wealth
  • coaching and counselling for individual family members
  • private retreats to discuss and align your family values
  • wealth planning and compliance training for family office and advisors


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