Sharing, Impact and Community

Make a bigger impact through your philanthropy

Philanthropy is not just about giving.

It is about doing, and playing an active role in your contribution.

But how can you make sure your philanthropy has the impact you hope for? How can you contribute more than just money?

We help shape a strategic plan to answer these questions — with clear goals, a comprehensive financial plan, and robust accountability and evaluation.


Our Services

Our service enables you to

  • Understand whether to create your own charity, or benefit an existing one
  • Identify partners to set up impact investing charities
  • Share your expertise and leadership skills through our own philanthropic initiatives
  • Join the Kaiser Partner philanthropic community


Stefan Liniger
Chief Executive



Living in a complex world or living in a world full of opportunities? The answer depends on the standpoint. With Perspectives, we present newsworthy topics from various viewpoints.

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