Wealth Advisory

A practical, strategic plan for your family, business and investment governance

A practical, strategic plan for your family, business and investment governance

The strongest plan is a holistic one. Your family, business and investment governance all need to work together. Because if one aspect of governance is not considered, your aims and objectives may come to nothing.

We combine strategic insight with practical application. So we do not just offer long-term advice: we help put it into action.

Our Services

Our Wealth Advisory service can

  • Comprehensively assess your existing planning arrangements to identify weaknesses, including stress-testing and contingency planning
  • Define your family values and planning objectives to create and safeguard your legacy
  • Develop and implement strong platforms for family, business and investment governance
  • Help you develop a robust succession plan
  • Advise on asset protection, compliance matters, risk management, data protection, creating suitable investment and succession vehicles, and planning related to family businesses

Holistic Solutions

Protecting and Growing Wealth in a Dynamic Environment

As a trustee company with a long tradition, thinking for the long term is our daily business. We develop sustainable solutions for wealth planning that will benefit current and future generations while safeguarding the things in your life that deserve special protection.

In concrete terms, our wealth planning includes an analysis of the risks to which you and your wealth are exposed. Together with your advisors, we then develop strategies for minimizing these risks over the long term. This isn’t just about achieving financial targets, but about reassuring you that your wealth is positioned on the right side of global change.

Sustainable Wealth planning

So a privilege doesn’t become a burden

Possessing wealth is a privilege, of course, but wealthy people know all too well that it is also a great responsibility, and that it can even turn into a heavy burden. The family home, your mother’s art collection, the family business: as well as their financial worth, these things have an emotional value; which is why they deserve special appreciation and special treatment.

Our awareness of this special bond is what drives our highly individual and personal approach to wealth advisory. We look at wealth in its entirety. It’s important for us to gain a full picture of our clients’ professional and family circumstances. The more detailed our knowledge, the more effectively our wealth planning can achieve a sustainability that meets the clients’ financial – but also more general – requirements.

Our approach gives you certainty that your wealth will endure even as times change, and that your and your family’s future is built on solid, value-based foundations.

The trusted family advisor

Helping families navigate

As well as education for the next generation, many wealthy families need help more generally with coordinating and balancing all the interests of different family members. Often the relationships between family members can be even more complex than the assets involved. This makes it all the more important to institutionalize the coordination process to some degree. Many families have also found it beneficial to have a neutral partner on hand – someone known and accepted by everyone – to help settle disagreements, for example.

As a wealth advisor that has supported families for many years, we often find that these families appreciate our team as neutral advisors, and not just in relation to wealth. Kaiser Partner also offers specific, concrete services to support families effectively. Family conferences, for example, that bring all the members of the family round the table. Ideally these are held at regular intervals. If there is a dispute, a family conference can be a vital forum for sorting out differences of opinion.

Our advisors will help you explore how, with our support, the different interests within the family can be brought back in harmony with each other.

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