Wealth Reporting and Controlling

Creating certainty about wealth

Wealth Allocation and Controlling

Gain clarity and control over your investments

As your long-term wealth partner, we help you optimise your portfolio and avoid expensive mistakes with a strategic overview of your investments.

Together with your wealth and investment managers, we help you look beyond your financial assets to establish a true picture of how your wealth is allocated — and to transition from a magpie portfolio to a strategic one.

And we implement the robust governance and risk management your portfolios need.

Our Services can

  • give you a clear overview of all your assets
  • create an investment governance statement
  • together with your wealth and asset managers oversee how your wealth is allocated
  • appoint the right wealth and asset managers

Wealth Reporting

Simplify the complexity of your portfolio

Maintaining control over a portfolio has never been more complex — with a web of different custodians, currencies, products and relationships to consider.

We will help you answer the big picture questions, like the best way to manage your financial information.

At the same time, we make sure you get the details right — including bookkeeping for individual companies and assets.

Our Reporting Services include

  • investment reporting and controlling
  • accounting for trusts, foundations
    and complex structures
  • tax base reporting
  • consolidating family wealth
  • cash and expenditure planning (across generations)


Living in a complex world or in a world full of opportunities? The answer depends on the standpoint. With our blog Perspectives and our Insights series, we present the topic of wealth from intriguing perspectives.

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