Inheritance Planning

Create certainty with good planning and strategy

Is it trepidation or the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life that stops us thinking about our own mortality? Few people find it easy to address the issue of inheritance planning; and telling other people about it is an additional challenge. Of course, we hope that the moment of inheritance is still a long way off, but there are good reasons why you, as a wealthy person, should address the topic now.

Why inheritance planning?

Being responsible for your family and your assets

There is no absolute legal requirement to put inheritance arrangements in place, and every country has its own statutory arrangements. If the deceased hasn’t given any other instructions, these statutory rules will apply by default. So, can you just sit back and relax? Not a good idea. Despite, or perhaps because of, the law, inheritance issues have caused serious legal and personal disputes in many families. Such disputes can divide a family and even pose a real threat to wealth preservation. Which is why we tell entrepreneurs and families that if they don’t want to leave things to the courts, and if they want to ensure their family stays together, they should tackle the subject of inheritance sooner rather than later.

Giving structure to your ideas

Equities, real estate, shareholdings, art, classic cars – how much does the structure of your wealth effect the way it’s passed on to future generations? Our experts can advise you, help pinpoint where the risks lie, and assist with the specifics of restructuring. They will find the right mix to facilitate a smooth inheritance process that matches your ideas and values.

More information on structuring wealth.



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